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Renu Wichuma
Sila Thaimassage
Oswald Str1.
59075 Hamm

Sila Thaimassage

Your Thai massage in Hamm

Treating the body with massage is an ancient tradition that still lives on today.
Studies shows that massage is an effective treatment method for treating aches but also for relaxation. Thai massage is a combination of yoga, stretch and acupressure and works with the body’s energy lines while oil massage is a more relaxing form of massage, where you use odorless oils or aromatic oils. You work with calm movements all over your body. More focus on muscle soreness and relaxation. Want to know more about our massage treatments. Call us by phone 01742493564. Warm welcome

We can offer

Sila Thaimassage Hamm

We can offer 8 different massage treatments. Everything from classic Thai massage, oil massage and hot stone etc. Want to know more about our massage treatments? Call us at tel. 01742493564 so we tell more …

Sila-Wellness Massage

Traditional -Thai massage (without oil)

Aroma oil massage with neutral oil or

different fragrance oils

Back massage with oil Incl. Head and shoulder

Foot massage with foot bath

Hot stone massage with oil

Thai massage with herbal stamp

We offer No Erotic Services!